What's new?

We've added quite a few products over the last couple of weeks!

First of all our Retro Range is now complete for the season with the addition of the 70's English and Scottish sets - these are sure to bring back a few memories if you're from my era!

Then we added Northern Ireland to the range of continental style ladders - this year's set includes the first three tiers of the Northern Irish League.

The big European leagues have all now gotten underway and we responded with our Spain, Germany, Italy and France sets which are all out now. Spain and Italy have two tiers while Germany and France have three. I am looking to add Serie C in Italy as an additional set but decided to leave it out for now as there is still some uncertainty about which teams will compete.

Our most recent addition to the set is our European Top Leagues - France, Italy, Spain and Germany set.

This is the first time we've done this - Its a single set containing the top division of each of the four nations. If it's successful, we'll perhaps release further multi-sets like this.


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