What’s coming up?

I’ve had a busy last couple of weeks with most of my efforts being directed towards getting orders out. Next up I’ll be updating the 70’s Retro set for 2019/20 then I’ll be doing the big Euro leagues. These will probably appear in order of demand and I’m currently being asked for Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Wales. So they’ll likely be the first to appear. In fact Germany is already prepared for release and will be out on 12th August.

1960's Retro sets out now

I'm pleased to announce that this seasons 1960's retro sets are all finished and ready to go!

There are three sets - English (Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two), National (National League, National League North and National League South) and Scottish (Premiership, Championship, League One, League Two, Highland League and Lowland League)

Hope you like them! Now to start work on the 1970's sets!

Daily update

Daily update

Got some time to work on this year's 1960's set today and I'm pleased to report that all the artwork is complete for this new set.

As with the 50's versions, there will be three sets - English, National and Scottish Leagues. The Scottish set will include the Highland and Lowland Leagues.

I have to say that these sets are in my opinion our nicest sets and these are the ones that I will be 'running' this season!

A little more work to do, but expect to see these available over the next few days!

What's going on?

What's going on?

A few lines to let you know what we have planned for this summer...

Next up will be a revamp of the 60's Retro set and the 70's Retro set. These need slight tweaks to reflect the ups and downs at the end of last season, and as with the 50's Retro set we'll be looking to freshen these sets up with a new look! Got a bit of work done on the 60's set today and so I'm able to give you a sneak peek:

Then we'll be refreshing the Big Leagues sets - these will...

Daily Blog!

Daily Blog!

Today we've published our latest 2019/20 sets - our Retro Style 1950's sets. there are three of them - English League tiers 1-4, National League steps 1 & 2 and the Scottish league including the Highland and Lowland Leagues.

We hope you like these new sets which feature a new feel to last seasons set, evocative of the boys football comics of the time!