League Ladders are great, right?
But after a while those little tabs get a bit, well, "fluffy" round the edges. Or your mum, paying more attention to what Ivy Tilsley is up to on Coronation Street, nonchalantly hoovers up Aldershot.
But no more. You're all grown up now and this is the Digital Age! No more will you have to cut new tabs out of old Cornflake boxes - Digital League Ladders are here!
Our Digital Season Planners are here!
Week by week, Matchday by Matchday. Keep your ladders up to date, add statistics, set up fixtures, record scores and scorers until you have a full record of the season!
And most importantly, never again have to fish Plymouth Argyle out from down the floorboards with a sticky butter knife!
Our first Digital Planner (Eire 2020) is available now for iOS. It is powered by GoodNotes 5 which is available from the iOS app store for around £8.
In the best traditions of League Ladders our first set Eire 2020 is absolutely free of charge for a limited period.
Tutorial Video: