Coming up - what do you want to see?

So the next two ladders that I'm working on are Mexico and Argentina - Mexico should be out sometime over the weekend with Argentina not much later.

But what new ladders would you like to see? If there's a nation you're waiting for, comment below and I'll expedite it and get it done. Or if there's something completely different that you had in mind, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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  • will you sell Highland League Ladders re. 21 22 ?

    • Laurie
  • Hi Pete, the plan is to cover every UEFA league as we did last season. It’s just a question of in what order and how soon I can get them done! I’ll get Russia done next.

    • Simon - Retrocrafts
  • Any chance of Russian Premier Liga? You’ve got Belarus and the Baltics so I’m curious as to why there’s no Russia?

    • Pete
  • Hello. First I’d like to say I love your site and products.

    This isn’t a specific set request more of a suggestion.

    What I’d like to see is different sets that aren’t necessarily leagues. Such as champions league, europa league or even nations league

    I unfortunately missed out on purchasing your World Cup 2018 and extra World Cup team sets but I’d love to see maybe tournament sets. Similar to your previous sets like the nfl, rugby league, nasl sets a couple years ago.

    Just a thought and again thank you for your continued work and excellent sets.

    • Sam