I'm getting a lot of messages asking if we'll be doing various leagues this season. 

To address this, we'll be doing all the UEFA leagues and we'll also probably cover all the worldwide leagues that we did last season. 

I'm also asked why some leagues are released after their start dates. The answer to this is simply that I'm a tiny one man business and to get them all out by their start dates is simply not do-able for me alone. To cover the amount of leagues that we cover is a feat of itself. So I prioritise the more popular...

2020/21 Sets!

The football may not be, but our first 2020/21 set is now available - Republic of Ireland 2020/21

Coming up - what do you want to see?

So the next two ladders that I'm working on are Mexico and Argentina - Mexico should be out sometime over the weekend with Argentina not much later.

But what new ladders would you like to see? If there's a nation you're waiting for, comment below and I'll expedite it and get it done. Or if there's something completely different that you had in mind, let me know and I'll see what I can do!


Quick update today to let you know what I'm working on. First up - South Africa is not far away. This will feature the top two tiers of the SA league.

Then next up, it'll be Belgium - I know quite a few are waiting for this one.

I'd love to have all these leagues done in time for their start dates, but its just me here and unfortunately that's just not possible - so I'll try to prioritise the ones that people are asking for!

(...Belgium out tomorrow...


Our Netherland's set is almost ready...It just need's colouring in!

Crayons at the ready, then...:-)