I'm getting a lot of messages asking if we'll be doing various leagues this season. 

To address this, we'll be doing all the UEFA leagues and we'll also probably cover all the worldwide leagues that we did last season. 

I'm also asked why some leagues are released after their start dates. The answer to this is simply that I'm a tiny one man business and to get them all out by their start dates is simply not do-able for me alone. To cover the amount of leagues that we cover is a feat of itself. So I prioritise the more popular ones and get them all done eventually!

Spain is done and will be out before the end of the week. I'm currently working on France, Germany and Italy.

Latvia is also done waiting for release towards the end of this week.

The English Tier 7-8 leagues (Southern Football League, Northern Premier League and Isthmian Leagues) are all done and will be out before the season kicks off on 19th September.


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  • You’re doing a great job. Was really glad to see these back again a few years ago.

    • Derek Boyes
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